Hong Kong Citizens

Vietnam Visa for Hong Kong citizens


​ (HK) Hong Kong  passport holder are required for a valid visa to Vietnam,

​ Hong Kong(HK)  passport holder or travelers, visitors or people are working in HongKong can be obtaining a visa to Vietnam in HK in 3 difference ways:

How to get visa to Vietnam for Hong Kong(HK) passport holder.

Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival by applying online on secure website: www.visacenter.vn

​ Hong Kong(HK) passport holder are able to apply Vietnam Visa-on-arrival to get visa stamp upon arrival at Vietnam international airports. [Hanoi airport, Da nang airport or Cam Ranh airport in NhaTrang, Ho Chi Minh (Tan Son Nhat)  Airport].

​ By filling your necessary information in the secure online application form. You can do it with easily, simply way from everywhere around the world, if you are able to connect to the Internet, Wireless 3G Mobile Connections.

​ Visa Administrative Institution: Issued at Vietnam Immigration Department via applying in this official website www.visacenter.vn

​ Duration: 2 working days in normal case. With express, rush, urgent or emergency visa services can get approval letter for visa Vietnam in 30 minutes to 4 hours or 8 process hours. (Business visa may takes for 3-4 days to process).

​ Required Documents: Recently Hong Kong passport holder are not requirement for any documents for visa procedures for tourist visa to Vietnam.

​ How to apply with us? Fill the form online in our site: www.visacenter.vn then you’re going to receive a confirmation for your application in a few minutes that let you know when you will get the Vietnam visa approval letter.

​ Normally the approval letter is coming to you via email within 2 working days or from 4 – 8 working hours (Express service), in 30 minutes (in emergency).

​ Finally, you take this official letter + your passport + 2 photos + stamping fee 45 USD for single entry or 50 USD for multiple entries (less than 90 days visa, and 95 USD for less 6 months multiple entry visa or 135 USD for 1 year multiple entry visa) to get your visa stamp at the Vietnam airport.

 A Tourist visa to Vietnam for citizens of Hong Kong, China can be apply for 1 or 3 months for single or multiple entry visa. (Please make sure for your passport validity at least 6 months above from your travel date) .

​ A Business visa to Vietnam for citizens of Hong Kong can be apply for 1 or 3 months single or multiples entries and up to 6 months or 1 year multiple entry visas (passport valid at least for more than 1 years).

​ Documents may required (passport scan and documents from the work’s company, We may can granted a business visa for you without it).

​ 5 years visa exemption (Mien ThiThuc) are applicable. If you or your parents were born in Vietnam or if you are married to a current or former Vietnamese citizen, you do have another option if you wish to stay in Vietnam for an extended period of time, it’s called the 5 Year Visa Exemption (Mien ThiThuc). You should contact Vietnam embassy/consulate if you’re living oversea or contact Vietnam Immigration, If you are currently living in Vietnam. Otherwise we’re warmly to support you in case.

​ Working permit or temporary resident card are able to apply via your worked company in Vietnam  (we ‘re strongly suggest you to apply for business visa to Vietnam before your trip).

 To Apply an entry visa to Vietnam with travel agency in Hong Kong or China

Get Vietnam Entry Visa at Vietnam Embassies or Consulates in Hong Kong, China.

​ If you apply for Visa to Vietnam in person at the Vietnam Embassies or consulates in Hong Kong , you need to know:

​ Duration: it’s depending on how fast that you need. But for sure, you should make a call to Vietnam Embassy nearly you for details and the fee to get visa for Vietnam will varies from embassy to embassy.

​ Required Documents: Original passport, Visas fee and 1 new envelope with stamp on it and your exact home address in order to avoid losing issues.

Consulate General of Vietnam in Hong Kong, China

 Address: 15/F, Great Smart Tower

 230 Wan Chai Road.Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China

 City: Hong Kong

 Phone: (852) 2591 4517 / 2591 4510

 Fax: (852) 2591 4524 / 2591 4539

 Web Site: http://www.vietnamconsulate-hongkong.org

 Email: tlsqhk@mofa.gov.vn


​ Before you’re applying for Vietnam visa, please make sure your passport at least 6 months validity and 2 blank pages left.

​ For visa on arrival option, it is applicable for those traveling by air to Vietnam.

​ For Visas to enter Vietnam via land border, crossing from these borders are China to Vietnam or Laos to Vietnam or Cambodia to Vietnam or by cruise ship. You should apply for Visa code on our site to get visa approval letter for Stamp visa at the Vietnam embassies or consulates.

​ For any further information, please kindly to contact us. We are willing and pleasure to assist you at our best!

Tourist Visa for Hong Kong (China)
Visa type
1 month single entry $20.pax
1 month multiple entries $22.pax
3months single entry $40.pax
3months multiple entry $45.pax
Business Visa for Hong Kong (China)
Visa type
1 month single entry $100.pax
1 month multiple entry $105.pax
3 months single entry $125.pax
3 months multiple entry $145.pax