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Vietnam visa for Georgia citizens

vietNam visa for georgia

Vietnam visa for Georgia

​ Is Georgia passport holder are required for Vietnam visa.?  YES! Citizens of Georgia are required to have a visa when visiting Vietnam.

​ To enter Vietnam, citizens of Georgia must have a valid visas to Vietnamor holding a valid Visa approved letter for Visa on arrival Vietnam airport. Applicants for visas should therefore contact travel agency to get visa-on-arrival.

Vietnam visa for Georgia passport holder can be apply with 2 different ways.

​ (Noted: If you are not holder a Georgia passport or you’re expats working, studying, traveling or living in  Georgia, you’re able to apply a Vietnam evisa for Visa on arrival).

 Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival by applying e-visa on secure website: 

​ By filling your necessary information with secure online application form. You can do it with easily, simply way from everywhere around the world, if you’re able to access to the Internet with your smart phone or laptop…

​ Visa Administrative Institution: Issued at Vietnam Immigration Department via applying in this official website 

​ Duration: 2 working days in normal case. With express, rush, urgent or emergency visa services can get approval letter for visa Vietnam in 30 minutes to 4 hours or 8 process hours. (Business visa may take up to 3-4 working days).

​ Required Documents: Recently Georgia passport holder are not requirement for any documents for visa procedures for tourist visas on arrival Vietnam, but may required for business visa.

​ How to apply with us? Fill the form online in our site:  then you’re going to receive a confirmation for your application in a few minutes that let you know when you will get the Vietnam visa approval letter.

​ Normally the approval letter will coming to you via email within 2 working days or from 4 – 8 working hours (Express service), or approximate 30~45 minutes (in emergency).

​ Finally, you take this official letter + your passport + 2 photos + stamping fee 45 USD for single entry or 50 USD for multiple entries.

​ (Less than 90 days visa, and 95 USD for less 6 months multiple entry visa or 135 USD for 1 year multiple entry visa) to get your visa stamp at the Vietnam airport.

​ Tourist visa to Vietnam for citizens of Georgia can be apply for 1-3 months for single or multiple entry visa. (Please make sure for your passport validity at least 6 months above from your travel date).

​ Business visa to Vietnam for Georgia citizens can be apply for 1 or 3 months single or multiples entries and up to 6 months or 1 year multiple entry visas (passport valid at least for more than 1 years).

​ Documents may required (passport scan and documents from the work’s company, we may can granted a business visa for you without it). (As of 01.01.2015, travelers with purposes other than tourism (eg. business, workshop, conference, study etc.) should contact your sponsor in Vietnam (host organization/partner/inviter) to obtain an approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department through travel agency in Vietnam to get Visa-On-Arrival. Without this approval, the embassy can only issue tourist visa.

​ Getting a Vietnam Visa upon arrival is seem to be an easily and quickly way for all travelers from Georgia and for all travelers in worldwide. Visa upon arrival were recommended by some biggest travel blogs like Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet …...

 Get Vietnam Entry Visa at Vietnam Embassies or Consulates in the neighbor country. 

​ Please noted, There are NO Vietnamese Embassy in Georgia.  Please contacting with Embassies of Vietnam in neighbor countries close to Georgia.

​ We are sorry to inform that there is currently no information about Vietnam Embassy in Georgia.

​ However, it is very lucky for citizens of  Georgia in obtaining a visa to Vietnam since they have been supported with Vietnam visa-on-arrival.

Please note that there is NO appointment system at the Embassy.

​ Vietnam evisa for Visa upon arrival are applicable for who’s travelling to Vietnam and entering by airport only.

​ In case for Visas to enter Vietnam via land border, crossing from China to Vietnam or Laos to Vietnam or Cambodia to Vietnam or by cruise ship.

​ You should apply for Visa code on our site to get visa approved letter for Stamp visa at the Vietnam embassy or consulate).

Tourist Visa for Georgia
Visa type
1 month single entry $10.pax
1 month multiple entries $12.pax
3months single entry $30.pax
3months multiple entry $35.pax
Business Visa for Georgia
Visa type
1 month single entry $90.pax
1 month multiple entry $95.pax
3 months single entry $115.pax
3 months multiple entry $135.pax