Korean South Citizens

Vietnam visa for South Korean Citizens

Is Citizens of South Korea required for Vietnam visa? No! South Korea are not required for Vietnam visa and allow to stay in Vietnam up to 15 days (Visa free).





If South Korean passport holder wish to stay in Vietnam longer than 15 days visa free. Vietnam visa for Citizens of South Korean can be apply with 3 different way.

checkApplying a Visa to Vietnam through a local travel agencies in South Korea.

checkTo obtain a Visa to Vietnam in person at nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate in South Korea.

checkApplying online Vietnam eVisa on official website for visa on arrival and getting stamp visa upon arrival at one of these international Airports in Vietnam.




[Hanoi airport, Da nang airport or Cam Ranh airport in Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh (Tan Son Nhat )  Airport].

***Special offer for South Korean passport holder, we are able to arrange for 6 months multiple entries visa and 1 year visa-on-arrival Vietnam and getting visa stamp at airport or Vietnamese embassy.

Documents for Visa procedures are not requirement while you obtaining a Vietnam evisa for Visa On Arrival and get stamping visa at Vietnam airports.



Vietnam visa for korean

Processing time: Guaranteed delivery in 2 business days. An electronic visa Vietnam for Visa On Arrival are able to get in rush, emergency situation case, it can be done in 2 process hours, 4-8 working hours with same day processing. We are able to do visa in the weekends and holiday in sometimes. (Please contact us email for your visa requested). Business visa may takes for 3-4 days to process.

check A tourist visa to Vietnam for citizens South Korean can be apply for 1 or 3 months for single or multiple entry visa. (make sure for your passport validity at least 6 months above from your travel date) .

check A Business visa to Vietnam for citizens of South Korean can be apply for 1 or 3 months single or multiples entries and up to 6 months or 1 year multiple entry visas ( Passport valid at least for more than 1 years). Documents may required (passport scan and documents from the work’s company, We may can granted a business visa for you without it).

check 5 years visa exemption (Mien Thi Thuc) are applicable. If you or your parents were born in Vietnam or if you are married to a current or former Vietnamese citizen, you do have another option if you wish to stay in Vietnam for an extended period of time…..it’s called the 5 Year Visa Exemption (Mien Thi Thuc). You should contact Vietnam embassy/consulate if you’re living oversea or contact Vietnam Immigration, If you are currently living in Vietnam. Otherwise we’re warmly to support you in case.

korea Working permit or temporary resident card are able to apply via your worked company in Vietnam  (we ‘re strongly suggest you to apply for business visa to Vietnam before your trip).


visa for korea

Vietnam visa procedures for people of Korea

Getting a Vietnam Visa upon arrival is seem to be an easily and quickly way for all travellers from South Korea and for all travelers in worldwide. Visa upon arrival were recommended by some biggest travel blog like Tripadvisors, Lonely Planet.....etc.

Vietnam Embassy in South Korea functions as a channel of communication between the Vietnamese Government and its counterpart in South Korea. It is also the place where South Korea citizens and residents can visit to apply for a visa to Vietnam.

Embassy of Vietnam in Seoul, South Korea

  • Address: 28-58, Samchong-Dong, Chongno-Ku, 110-230, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA
  • Phone: (822) 739 2065
  • Fax: (822) 739 2064
  • Email: vndsq@yahoo.com


Tourist Visa for Korea (South)
Visa type
1 month single entry $10.pax
1 month multiple entries $12.pax
3months single entry $30.pax
3months multiple entry $35.pax
Business Visa for Korea (South)
Visa type
1 month single entry $90.pax
1 month multiple entry $95.pax
3 months single entry $115.pax
3 months multiple entry $135.pax